What is Comprehensive Finance?

An Innovative Patient Financing Solution

Comprehensive Finance, Inc. is a financial services company that offers innovative payment solutions for healthcare providers including dentists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, audiologists, and other healthcare specialists. In addition, our cloud-based software facilitates B2B payment solutions allowing for automatic payment transactions to occur resulting in timely payments which ultimately increases A/R. 

Our turn-key, fully managed patient financing program enables healthcare providers to perform more comprehensive treatment plans as well as care for patients who would have otherwise forgone treatment due to cost. Payment plans provide flexible payment terms, fixed interest rates and allow patients to select their monthly payment date.

The result of utilizing our payment solutions is an increase in production and patient satisfaction. Using our innovative cloud-based system, you maintain control while leaving the challenges and frustrations of managing patient financing to us. We invite you to learn more about How Comprehensive Finance works, and contact us today to get started.