What is Comprehensive Finance?

The Ideal Solution to Patient Financing

Comprehensive Finance is a turn-key, fully managed in-house patient financing program that enables your practice to perform more comprehensive dentistry as well as care for those who would have otherwise forgone treatment due to cost. The result of using our program is an increase in production, revenue and profits.

With our intuitive system, you maintain control of your patient loans, while leaving the challenges and frustrations of managing in-house patient financing to us. We invite you to learn more about how Comprehensive Finance works, and contact us today to get started.  

How it Works

Within seconds after processing a patient's credit application you will receive a response for approval based upon your patient’s credit and checking account history. 

Upon approval...

  1. Get down payment to cover any hard costs
  2. Set payment terms with the patient (up to 60 months)
  3. Have the patient select a monthly payment date
  4. Have the patient sign printed loan agreement
  5. We manage the loan from there!

Patient payments are automatically debited from their checking accounts by Comprehensive Finance on the date agreed upon in their signed loan agreement.  Patient payments (principal and interest) are deposited into your practice’s checking account.  

We handle all late payment  issues for you up to 90 days. If a patient misses a payment, we immediately contact them by phone and email to get them back into good standing and to assure them that their interest rate will not increase.  Our successful track record of minimal delinquencies and defaults is a testament to our efforts and effective approach to managing late payments.